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Protecting sensitive information is mission critical to business success. All types of sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, intellectual properly, company financials, business plans, credit card information are transmitted, transformed and shared throughout your organization every day. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) refers to systems that identify monitor and protect data-in-use, data-in-motion and data-at-rest. DLP solutions use multiple methods for deep content analysis.
AlphaStellar’s expertise in content analysis and enterprise search makes it a natural choice for companies in dealing DLP challenges across all enterprise storage systems, network systems and end points.

Data Discovery is achieved through
  • Fingerprinting and deep content analysis
  • Fuzzy search and concept searching
  • Keyword, Dictionary search, Regular expression search
  • Clustering, Classification and Categorization
  • Integrated Log Management

To help build Secure products AlphaStellar offers below services

  • Security Consulting
    • Application architecture review / Source code review
    • SaaS Security Assessment
    • Security Audit
    • Regulatory Compliance and Threat Management
  • Vulnerability Assessment
    • SQL Injection
    • XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
    • Spoofing, Session hijacking, Denial of Service
  • Log Management
    • Integrated searching, storing and reporting on logs and events
    • Uncover security threats, network health issues, compliance and policy violations etc
  • Security Testing
    • Network Penetration Testing
    • Platform Security Testing
  • Digital Rights Management, Disk/File Encryption, Data Obfuscation, Email Security

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