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Enterprise Search

AlphaStellar's enterprise search solutions can index and search data from variety of sources such as file systems, network shares, Exchange servers/Notes server, e-mails, PST and NSF files, databases, AD1 / E01 disk images, Cloud Storage, Temporary internet files, Chat history, Windows Registry, Security Logs and so on. Our expertise in handling huge dataset and making them searchable make it a natural choice of companies working in domains such as eDiscovery and Digital Forensics.

Our enterprise search offering include

  • Concept search and Concept Based Categorization
  • Dynamic Clustering
  • Advanced search (Fuzzy search, Stemming, Lemmatization, Boolean search)
  • Leading and trailing wildcard searching
  • Entity extraction
  • Faceted Search
AlphaStellar provides management consultancy as well as helps provides system integration services by integrating leading enterprise search technologies like Content Analyst, dtSearch, Solr, Lucene, Fast InStream in to your software product seamlessly.

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