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Electronic Discovery(eDiscovery) and Digital Forensics
AlphaStellar's expertise in enterprise search, document management and cloud computing coupled with security offerings help eDiscovery companies to strengthen their product line with variety of our services. We have expertise in almost all stages of Electronic Discovery Network Model (EDRM) including Identification, Collection, Processing, Review, Analysis, Production and Presentation

Identification and Collection

  • Support for various sources of Electronically Stored Information (ESI)
  • Includes E-Mail, File storage,Cloud Systems, Disk Images, Internet History, System Logs etc
  • Metadata retention in a forensically compliant manner during collection


  • De-duplication to suppress redundant data, De-nisting
  • Near duplicate identification
  • Indexing and hashing
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Searching
    • Concept Search
    • Keyword Search with relevancy ranking
  • Entity identification
  • Clustering and Categorization
  • Email Threading and Email Integration

Review and Analysis

  • Redaction of sensitive information
  • Annotations
  • Liner Review
  • iPad and Android support

Production and Presentation

  • Archive Management
  • Document format conversions
  • Annotation and redactions burning to images
  • Bates stamping

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