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Cloud Computing

Running your own datacenter will soon be a thing of past as Cloud Computing is enabling customers to make use of “as a service” model thereby moving their “capital expenditures” to “operational expenditures”.

Cloud adaption has significant advantages including

  • Reduced cost of ownership
    • No need to make capital expenditure for running your datacenter
    • Reduced maintenance and monitoring expenses
    • Reduction in direct, indirect as well as overhead costs
  • Enhanced agility
    • Ability to scale up or down depending on load
  • Enhanced responsiveness
    • Reduced time to deploy
  • Maximizing return on investment
    • You get only charged for the utilization of the server
  • Enhanced reliability and security if addressed in proper manner

AlphaStellar as a Cloud Integrator

AlphaStellar’s vision is to deliver trusted cloud ecosystem to our clients. AlphaStellar has in depth understanding of underlying cloud computing technologies including in-house experience of our own indigenously developed products deployed in the cloud. AlphaStellar’s expertise in catering to data intensive industries like eDiscovery, Digital forensics, Life Sciences, Retail, Finance and Insurance coupled with vendor neural approach, multi-platform expertise is the reason why companies are choosing AlphaStellar as their trusted partner to make their navigation in the cloud a big success story!

AlphaStellar’s Cloud Computing offerings are

  • Cloud Consulting Services
    • Cloud readiness assessment
    • Cloud strategy, planning and advisory services
    • Detailed cost benefit analysis and roadmap for enterprise-wide implementation
    • Cloud Security, backup, data protection, Training
    • Choice of various cloud vendors like Amazon EC2,
  • Cloud Application Development Services
    • SaaS based application development for the cloud
    • Setup, migration, creation and aggregation of Cloud services
    • Public / Private / Hybrid cloud deployment
    • Integration and Orchestration of Cloud services with existing enterprise investments
    • Cloud migration, monitoring and management
    • Distributed computing
    • Security Compliance / Penetration testing
    • Scalability and Performance Testing
  • Hadoop MapReduce
    • Distributed Computing
    • Hadoop MapReduce Consulting
    • Big Data Analysis
    • Hadoop MapReduce Development

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